Upwising: There’s an app for that. It's called relay occupation.

Why? Because: 0

Tired of wondering "What can I do to stand up to this insanity?".

Well, let's turn the Sept. 20 Climate Strike and the We the People March the next day into a sustained occupation of Pennsylvania Avenue. Standing Wave is here to make it convenient and fun.

You’re invited to a 24/7 Party for the Planet.

Standing Wave is a rolling flash mob, a relay occupation, a sustained and growing swarm whose membership is changing daily.

  • Starts following: and
  • Ends: when this insanity ends.
  • Where: Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol.

If you're near DC after Sept. 20, sign up below by clicking on the date(s) you will show up.

If you're not near DC, tell all your friends, and contribute to the GoFundMe for infrastructure, transportation, food, etc.

We’re aiming to start with 500 people in Lafayette Square (#Shitler's front yard) every day starting Sept. 9 when Congress is back in session. Then 1000, then 5000, then 10,000.

Do the math. There are 36M people within 200 miles of DC. If only 1% are irate enough to show up one day a month, that’s 12k people. That’s a big party.

So show up, bring your friends, bring gifts and food and music, be polite, be peaceful, be loud, be committed, be the wave.

Just click on the day(s) you can commit to on the bars below. Maximum of three days, please. Your current commitments are in green.

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